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The separately manufactured structural elements of doors are called door fittings. It is produced in accordance with a technology that is significantly different from the technology used in the manufacture of the main elements of the door. Door fittings can include one or more elements. It is usually purchased separately.

Door fittings: types and features

There are many types of door fittings, which include:

  • door locks for interior, exterior doors and for special purposes;
  • cylinder mechanisms;
  • pens;
  • hinges of different types (overhead, mortise, welded);
  • sliding systems;
  • limiters and stops for doors;
  • door closers and mounting plates;
  • automatic thresholds.

Hardware for doors is usually made of steel, alloys and durable plastic. As a rule, a coating is applied to its surface, both for decorative purposes and to prevent corrosion. To fasten the door fittings, use the supplied bolts or screws.

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