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Rim cylinder

History of the epithet "Roman" in relation to the locks goes back to the distant past. Since the first metal locks have been known since the Ancient Rome. 

The Roman lock has gone through the evolution from the most primitive wooden locks to the high class and reliable constructions made of solid materials with a unique protective system. 

The Roman cylinder is a representative of the cylinder locks group. In contrast to the Scandinavian oval the main element of the cylinder mechanism has a strictly rounded form.
Dorma DC 340 Roman Cylinder
The lock is made by Scandinavian standards. It is possible to choose the color of the lock to match the color of the door and the overall interior. The Roman cylinder of this type is available in three colors: 

  • Chrome;
  • Brushed chrome;
  • Brushed Brass.

Security Features:

  • The key profile is patented;
  • Copy protection key;
  • 7 pins;
  • Set of 5 keys.

MUL-T-Lok "Special" Roman Cylinder
Mechanism developed on the basis of the latest technology MUL-T-Lok "Classik" and has the characteristics:

  • Increased level of burglary resistance;
  • Secrecy level of 3 million combinations;
  • The body - steel;
  • Diameter - 29 mm;
  • Telescopic pins 10 (ribbed shape).

This Roman cylinder is used as a replaceable secret part of padlocks.

Scandinavian cylinder DC 340 Dorma
Scandinavian cylinder DC 3400 Dorma
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