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Automatic thresholds

The device embedded in the lower part of the doors web or fastened to it is called an automatic threshold. It consists of a spring extended mechanism, a housing made of aluminum and a seal, which is usually performed from thermoplastic. When the doors are closed, the springs smoothly omit the seal, thereby closing the gap between the floor and the door blade. When the door opens, the sealing band rises. Such "smart" thresholds are currently popular.

The main features of automatic thresholds

There are several types of door automatic thresholds, but universal models are particularly popular, which can be mounted with any kind of blocks for doors: from wood, metal, PVC plastic. The advantages of such thresholds include:

  • Compact dimensions;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • The presence of an adjustable exit;
  • Completely silent work;
  • High degree of sound and thermal insulation.

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