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The door closer is a mechanism, one part of which rests on the door canvas, and the other in the opening. The basis of its action is the spring. When closing the door, it is forcibly closed and fixes the door canvas, which is moving very smoothly and does not chlo. The closer allows you to always keep the entrance door closed, thereby maintaining heat indoors. In addition, this element of fittings adds aesthetics, especially to the business interior.

Door closer: Main features

Different types of door closers differ in their characteristics and constructive features. Their main element is a spring in the housing. When opening the door, it shrinks, accumulating energy. By the installation method distinguish several types of closers.

  • With top mounting. This is the most common option that is characterized by simplicity of installation and a low price;
  • With installation on the floor. This option is used if the doors are massive;
  • With hidden installation. It is used if the design of the opening allows you to do this.

You can buy a door closer in the online store Fores.lv, where a large selection of such products.

Mounting plate for door closer TS 2000 Geze
Discount -6%
Door closer TS 2000 V BC Geze
Door closer TS 2000 V BC Geze
47.00€ 44.00€
Door closer TS 2000 V Geze
Door closer TS 2000 V BC with rail Geze
Door closer TS 3000 V BG with rail Geze
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