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Sliding systems

Ordinary swing doors are gradually becoming far from the only option for dividing space in houses and apartments. Sliding doors are becoming more and more popular, which have a number of obvious advantages. Firstly, they save space, which is far from unimportant, and secondly, they are completely silent. In addition, doors with sliding mechanisms are practical, functional, ergonomic, elegant and modern in design.

Sliding mechanisms: basic types

There are quite a few varieties of door sliding mechanisms, but they all include similar elements, although they differ in design. However, there are only two types of sliding mechanisms:

  • In rail structures, as a rule, steel profiles act as guides. In fact, they are ordinary compartment doors;
  • Roller-based mechanisms can also be seen quite often. They differ in the number of wheels, which is determined by the mass of the door leaf.

Do you want to order sliding mechanisms for doors? A large assortment of such designs is presented in the fores.lv online store.

Sliding system SET 2244 Villes
Sliding system SET 2210 Villes
Sliding system SET 4 Morelli
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Sliding system DN 80 CF Ducasse
Sliding system DN 80 CF Ducasse
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Sliding system SET 2230 Villes
Sliding system SET 2479 Slow stop Villes
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