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DND by Martinelli - a real Italian furnacle for doors, it's an unstrikingly superior quality and elegant fancy design. The manufacturer's distinctive sign is solid creative tandem with familiar designers, so door handles from DND by Martinelli are unique and unrepeatable.

If you're looking for a unique and unique style, the DND by Martinelli door handles are your choice. There is a sophisticated and elegant design in this Italian doorway in tandem with first-class quality. The manufacturer works with best designers, and that's why such a door handle is exclusive and original.

When you chose the door handle, trust your tactile feelings. Impose recommended options and choose the best ones. Remember that the color should be repainted with the furnacular color of the furniture, but the handle design – with style and exterior appearance. Usually, the handles form a base of zinc or copper, but then are already covered with a protective layer and coloured in the desired colour.

DND by Martinelli has for 40 years produced a variety of products that connect modern technologies and quality materials: door and window handles, and interior accessories. Such an insightful focus on design and product style has cost the brand DND by Martinelli design handle manufacturing leaders.

Product includes

  • 1 handle pair
  • reinforcement elements
  • coupling screws
  • 8 x 105 mm coupling square
  • assembly instruction
  • packing

The color tones on the screen are reproduced electronically. They may differ from the actual color tone because our color perception is affected by the surface of the material, glare, lighting, and other factors. To accurately determine a color shade, we recommend that you use real color shade catalogs, always be confident in your choice, and use the color shade catalogs in an environment or conditions similar to those for which you choose a color.

The image of the product is informative. Specifications may vary depending on configuration and size. Fittings and their location may vary.

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