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The hinges needed to open and close the door are called hinges for fixing the door to the frame. These products must withstand a very significant load, therefore, the materials for their manufacture, as a rule, are metals, for example, steel or brass. To protect door hinges from corrosion while giving them a decorative look, they are often chrome plated or powder coated. According to the installation option, the hinges are right-handed, left-handed and universal.

Hinges: main varieties

  • Universal hinges, the wings of which are located in such a way that the door can be opened in both directions, are called overhead;
  • Hinges that are mounted by cutting into the box and the canvas are called mortise. Thanks to this method of installation, the mount is especially resistant to sagging;
  • Small loops, in which the halves have a cylindrical shape, are called screw-in. The halves are connected to each other using a pin.

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