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Stealth hinges

Door hinges are a hinge by which the door leaf is attached to the frame fixed to the walls of the door opening. The purpose of hinges is to ensure that the door opens smoothly and easily. The hidden installation hinge is so called because it is not visible at all when the door is closed. 

Features of hidden hinges

The design of invisible hinges consists of a metal body, inside which the working hinge and a lever of two parts, connected by a fixed axis of rotation, which ensures the connection of the leaf and the frame is hidden. In the process of closing the lever is hidden in the recess and disappears from view. 

Advantages of invisible hinges

Initially the purpose of these items was to improve the security of the home, but the scope of application of hidden hinges has expanded over time due to the following advantages: 

•    Concealed hinges are invisible and do not spoil the appearance of the door leaf.
•    The two parts of the hinge arm are robust and withstand a door leaf weight of 50 kg.
•    Comfortable operation thanks to the possibility to adjust the product vertically, horizontally and by pressing it during the installation and operation, which is due to the shrinkage of the house.
•    Inherent in the hinges is a long service life.
•    The products are universal and can be mounted on the webs of any material.

Hidden hinges AN 140 3D Anselmi
Hidden hinges Eclipse 3.2 AGB
Hidden hinges Eclipse 2.0 AGB
Hidden hinges Eclipse 3.2 HD SELF AGB
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