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A device that allows you to lock and fix the door in this position, and there is a well-known door lock to all of us. There are a lot of door locks, but almost all of them have elements such as a housing, valve (census), secret mechanism and key. In accordance with the installation option, there are mortise and overhead locks. Cutting-type locks, the case of which is entirely in the doorway, are the most common. The overhead lock is on the inside of the door.

Lock: basic views

Lock can be divided into three large groups, each of which has several varieties:

  • Interior locks are with a key, retainer, latch, as well as smartlocks and magnetic. They are also with a separate and swivel handle;
  • Locks intended for entrance doors should have a high degree of secrecy. They are disk, cylinders, suvalid, pith, and electromagnetic;
  • Specnation locks have the highest degree of secrecy. They are installed in the premises of limited access.

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