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Door description

The 80 series metal door will reliably protect your apartment from unwanted noise, odors, dust and drafts from the staircase. Your apartment will be reliably protected from burglary. The locks have the highest degree of protection, and the door is also equipped with anti-removable crossbars and reliable armored plates, which only enhances its security properties.

Door specification

  • Series: 80
  • Outside finishing: 12 mm MDF sound absorbing panel
  • Interior finishing: 12mm sound absorbing MDF panel
  • Metal thickness: 1.2mm
  • Warming of the fabric: Knauf mineral wool, 100 mm
  • Box insulation: Knauf mineral wool
  • Sealant: 2 circuits Shlegel (Germany)
  • Number of anti-removable crossbars: 2 pcs.
  • Hinges: reinforced hinges on support bearing (Italy), 2 pcs.
  • Noise isolation: 45 dB
  • Bottom lock: Securemme 2019
  • Top lock: Securemme 2061
  • Cylinder: Securemme
  • Night shutter: yes
  • Platband: standard, without portal

The door kit includes

  • canvas
  • box
  • double-edged sealing gum
  • 2 anti-burglar bolts for burglary protection
  • set of platbands on one side
  • 2 loops
  • 2 locks
  • set of pens
  • peephole
  • night latch
  • threshold

Door dimensions

  • On the canvas: 800, 900 x 2000 mm
  • With box: 860, 950 x 2050 mm
  • Blade thickness: 90 mm
  • Box thickness: 119 mm

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