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Description of doors

The MASTERTHERM door line was created for customers who are looking for energy savings and security while maintaining exceptional aesthetics. We have made every effort to ensure that the door meets your expectations in terms of energy efficiency, as evidenced by the best technical parameters on the market. We offer the thickest doors (101 mm) with the lowest thermal insulation coefficient (Ud from 0.6 without glass, 0.9 with glass). The hook and pin lock used in the 101 door deserves special attention.

Door characteristics

  • steel exterior door for home
  • Door leaf material: steel sheets
  • External and internal finishing: PVC film
  • Wooden beam around the entire perimeter of the door leaf
  • Fabric insulation: polyurethane foam
  • Wooden box lined with metal frame
  • low aluminum threshold
  • Sealing gum around the perimeter of the canvas 2 pcs. and boxes of 1 pc.
  • Security pins on the canvas
  • Adjustable striker in box
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Lock: eurocylinder
  • Water tightness E600 - inward opening
  • Wind load resistance C2
  • Breathability class 4
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient U = 0.9 W / m2 * K
  • Airborne sound insulation index m Rw = 30dB

The door kit includes

  • canvas
  • box
  • double sealing rubber on the canvas
  • sealing gum on the box
  • 3 loops
  • 1 lock on a long bar with two ROTO hooks
  • long handle set
  • aluminum threshold

Door dimensions

  • With box: 940, 1040 x 2090 mm
  • Web thickness: 101 mm

The color tones on the screen are reproduced electronically. They may differ from the actual color tone because our color perception is affected by the surface of the material, glare, lighting, and other factors. To accurately determine a color shade, we recommend that you use real color shade catalogs, always be confident in your choice, and use the color shade catalogs in an environment or conditions similar to those for which you choose a color.

The image of the product is informative. Specifications may vary depending on configuration and size. Fittings and their location may vary.

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