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Door elements

The interior door, as everyone is accustomed to, is more correctly called a door block. The design consists of basic and additional door elements. The main ones include:

  • The door leaf;
  • The frame;
  • Platbands;
  • Door accessories (handles, hinges). 

Depending on the model and operating conditions, additional door elements may be added:

  • Threshold;
  • Filler strip;
  • Shutter bar;
  • Door closer;
  • Seals;
  • Lock.

Before buying an interior unit, it is worth considering different options. Depending on the needs, demands of the client and operating conditions, the best option with the necessary elements is chosen. 

Filler door elements

Filler strips are used when the door frame is less than the thickness of the opening. The task of the filler strips is to cover the remaining parts of the end face. They are made in standard sizes, but if necessary, you can saw off a detail of the desired width. 

Threshold is installed at the junction of the floor of the two rooms. It levels out the difference between the floor levels. Threshold increases noise and thermal insulation properties of the interior door. 

Sealer closes the gaps between the door leaf and the frame. It protects the room from drafts and extraneous odors. The seal also improves the cushioning of the door.

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