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Door description

Eco-veneer is an innovative decor made using the coating technology under continuous pressure. The main raw material for this material is the smallest particles of wood, glued together with a polymer binder under pressure. The material for the future decor is dyed at the stage of mixing the components; therefore, the decors of this series do not have a multi-tone effect. Eco-veneer also has impeccable aesthetic properties, in particular, the i tec effect, which means that the decor accurately conveys the texture of natural wood, has a matte sheen, pores and relief are palpable to the touch. Eco-veneer has the following advantages:

  • Detailed imitation of veneer at a lower price. The difference cannot be determined at first glance or even by touch.
  • Increased resistance to moisture and steam for 24 hours. Can be damp cleaned.

Door specification

  • The canvas consists of solid rectangular blocks
  • Canopy filling: pine and honeycomb
  • Coating: eco-veneer
  • Wooden box with sealing rubber
  • Matte, opaque glass
  • Universal doors (right and left)

The door assembly includes

  • frame
  • glass
  • box
  • sealing rubber
  • 2 hinges
  • lock
  • moulding position for lock and handle in the frame
  • counter-plate position in box

Door dimensions

  • Landmarks: 600, 700, 800, 900 x 2000 mm
  • With box: 660, 760, 860, 960 x 2040 mm
  • Pitch thickness: 35 mm
  • Box depth: 80 mm

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