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Door description

High-quality veneered doors with glass. Glass white frosted. Sash height 2030 mm, which is suitable for Latvian standard door openings height 2100 mm. Sash thickness 40mm. The door is manufactured using the ultraviolet finishing line of leading German manufacturers. A selection of the highest quality veneers, Italian and Swedish finishing materials give a natural and at the same time unique look to each door, highlighting the natural beauty of wood in different shades. The construction is designed so that it is not necessary to close the holes with visible plastic linings on the sides of the door. A new type of glass strips with a straight profile is used to fix the glass. Assortment of doors and their elements - door boxes, frames, box extensions, etc. are specially adapted to provide a solution for standard and non-standard projects (standard door sets, double and semi-hinged doors, sliding doors).

Door specification

  • Pine frame
  • Rigid frame structure
  • Filler coated with unbridled method
  • Ecological materials
  • Finishing: oak veneer
  • Matte, opaque glass
  • Wood box sealing rubber
  • Universal door (right and left)

The door assembly includes

  • frame
  • glass
  • box
  • sealing rubber
  • 2 hinges
  • lock
  • moulding position for lock and handle in the frame
  • counter-plate position in box

Door dimensions

  • Landmarks: 600, 700, 800, 900 x 2030 mm
  • With box: 660, 760, 860, 960 x 2060 mm
  • Pitch thickness: 40 mm
  • Box depth: 75 mm

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