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Especially for lubricating and cleaning all kinds of cylinders and locks. Thanks to the ceramic particles it contains the mechanism is perfectly lubricated enabling it to run smoothly again. Reaches even the tightest fits due to spraying. No more squeaking and creaking. It displaces moisture and therefore also prevents icing up. Ensuring that mechanisms always work and extending their life. Protects against corrosion and dissolves any existing corrosion.


  • Penetrates into the tightest of fits
  • Squeaking and creaking are eliminated
  • Displaces moisture
  • Thus acts as a preventative against icing
  • Maintains functionality and extends service life
  • Protects against rust and loosens existing rust
  • Does not resinify, silicone, PTFE and acid free
  • Free from animal oils

Note: Shake well before use.

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