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BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® is a long-term lubricant based on a balanced mixture of hydrocarbons with the additive TURBOLINE.

Creep Oil / Rust Loosener
BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® is a multi-component lubricant which has an excellent penetration effect. Therefore, it is capable of penetrating into the finest crakes and spaces and, for example, loosens tightened screws in a very short time. It loosens rust and frees sticky mechanisms.

- BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® guarantees complete corrosion protection and conservation of hollow spaces. The hydrocarbon mixture, which is responsible for this, guarantees both a compact protection film and the necessary film thickness, which displaces any humidity. It forms a clear, invisible, non-hardening film, which does not need to be removed in most cases. (Exception: painting). This film provides temporary protection against corrosion (approx. 6 months) and has a dirt repelling effect.

Cleaning Agent
BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® penetrates and removes mineral and organic dirt so that spots of (almost) all kinds (e.g. tar, brake dust, adhesive residues etc.) can be easily wiped off. It neutralizes hand sweat and also protects aluminum, copper, brass, chromium plated and galvanized sheet metal and stainless steel

Contact Spray
BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray® has a very low surface tension and a corresponding adhesion to metals so that leak currents will be prevented and humidity which has penetrated will immediately be displaced. It is suitable for the corrosion protection of electrical contacts in low-voltage engineering. Before spraying on electrical or electronic equipment, switch off the devices. The very high dielectric strength (UD=45KV/cm) also allows the application in connection with very sensitive (high-impedance) circuits. This property is particularly useful with electrical contacts and short circuits can be eliminated and prevented.

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