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FORES customer support

Our company is committed to providing a high level of customer service, and we are available to answer any questions related to our products and services.

Technical support team is always ready to assist you in solving any problems related to the installation and operation of our products. We also provide advice on choosing the best option for doors, windows, gates and door fittings, taking into account the individual needs and requirements of each client.

In addition, we offer a wide range of installation and installation services for our products, including the installation of doors, windows, gates and door hardware. Our professional installers guarantee high quality of work and maximum reliability of the installed structures.

We also offer repair and maintenance services for our products, including the replacement of parts and components, as well as preventive maintenance to maintain reliable and durable operation.

We value each of our clients and are ready to provide an individual approach to solving any questions and problems. Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Windows, interior doors, exterior doors, gates, door furniture (cylinder mechanisms, locks, handles, door closers, sliding systems)

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  • size removal
  • delivery
  • dismantling
  • assembly
  • regulation
  • service
  • extra tasks

Rules for the transport of interior doors, exterior doors and windows

To prevent deformation, the door must be transported to a flat horizontal position, the windows in a vertical position, pre-securing them. Doors and windows must be carried carefully during manual transport to avoid damaging the sash with surrounding objects.

Storage rules for interior doors, exterior doors and windows

To prevent deformation, the door must be stored on a level surface in a horizontal position before installation, and the windows must be stored in a vertical position on a flat surface before installation. Doors and windows need to be stored under a roof or canopy. Do not store the door near heaters or in the wind, avoid direct sunlight. This can cause cracks, door deformation and uneven discoloration of the door. Store only in the original package. It is strictly forbidden to store doors in rooms where construction work has been carried out in a wet manner (wall hanging, whitewashing, plastering, puttying, leveling, etc.)

Interior door installation rules

The door is designed for installation in rooms with an air temperature of 10 to 35 ° C and a humidity of 30 to 60%. In addition, fluctuations in these parameters are not allowed. The door must be installed by qualified specialists using special tools. Before installation, it is necessary for the door to "acclimatize" to the room - a few days the door should be in the free position. It is not recommended to remove the door packaging until it is fully "acclimatised".

Rules for operation and maintenance instructions for interior and exterior doors, windows

Before installing interior doors, exterior doors and windows, check that the quality of the product is suitable and that the product is free from defects. Defective product installation is prohibited. The product must not be stacked directly on the ground or concrete, only on a durable and suitable dry surface. Resizing and cutting is not allowed. If necessary, consult a factory representative. When carrying out repairs to prevent damage to the door during finishing, it must be covered with construction cardboard or film.

Exterior doors are intended for use as exterior doors for buildings. They must be installed in such a way that they are not directly exposed to constant water and sun. They must be protected by installing them in a niche in the wall or by installing an overhang. Doors in a dark tone may bend in the intense sun (if the door leaf has a high surface temperature). Bright and dark tones become dull under the influence of intense sun. To keep the exterior door well, do not leave snow on the door for too long in winter. Doors and windows must not be installed in such a way that they can be "beaten" by the wind. Exterior doors must not be stored in cold and humid rooms.

For interior doors, it is recommended to periodically apply care products for natural wood furniture. It is allowed to clean the door surface with a damp cloth (wooden door). Rough mechanical contact with the surface of the door, as well as contact of the surface with preparations containing acid, alkali, solvents must be avoided - this can lead to defects in it and deterioration of appearance.

Inspection work

At least once a year, but preferably every six months, perform such maintenance / inspection work.

General condition of doors and windows:

  • Visual inspection of the door and window sash and frame for damage;
  • Check that no mechanism has been added / removed that may affect the functionality of the door.

Handle set:

  • Check the handle attachments to the door leaf and their condition;
  • The handle must be in a horizontal position.


  • Check the functionality of the fastening screws and the lock;
  • If necessary, lubricate the lock (with an oil suitable for lubricating the locks)


  • Check the fastenings to the box and the door, window sash;
  • If necessary, lubricate the door and window hinge pins;
  • For doors with a spring-loaded hinge as a self-closing mechanism, check that it is properly tensioned - the door itself must be able to close from an angle of 30 °.

Door closer:

  • Visual inspection - if there are any signs of defect;
  • Functionality test - the door must close from any position.

Door and window sealing:

  • Check the wear level for signs of damage and that it is in the original and intended position.


  • Use clean water and a soft cloth to clean the surface of the doors and windows.

Unsuitable cleaning agents:

  • Do not use products that contain chlorine, hydrochloric acid, bleach;
  • Do not use metal sponges or other sharp and hard cleaning materials that can damage the door and window surfaces.

Care of stainless steel parts:

  • Regularly clean the stainless steel parts with a stainless steel care product, apply a cloth.

Warranty terms

Does not accept the product and does not compensate for losses if visual defects of the product are discovered after processing the product (including: installation of hinges, switches, handles, assembly of the box, sawing of the sash, etc.), as well as if the processing and operation of the product were not carried out in accordance with the rules of installation and operation . The guarantee is valid from the day of sale of the product until the deadline set by the LR, if the buyer can present the original receipt or delivery note showing the date of purchase.

Warranty for doors, windows, fittings - 2 years.

The warranty is invalid in the following cases:

  • If the product has mechanical damage caused by improper transportation and storage by the customer.
  • If the rules of door storage, installation and operation are not followed
  • If the product is damaged due to natural disasters (flood, storm, fire, etc.) and also due to other domestic factors.

The hidden defects of doors, windows, gates and their fittings must be notified in writing, attaching photo and video materials, to the responsible persons of SIA VENTUM within 5 working days from the day of receiving the order. After this period, claims for hidden defects are not accepted.

General rules

The Customer does not have the right to refuse the product (doors, windows, gates, handles, door elements) in an individual order (size, color, design, assembly of the box in the door unit), if the specified product can only be used by the Customer who purchased it.
Goods are not released from the warehouse to the customer, without 100% payment. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the goods are issued from the warehouse upon receipt of funds in full after crediting to the current account of SIA VENTUM.
Title to the goods shall pass to the buyer only when the goods have been paid for in full. The date of payment shall be the date on which the required amount of money has been credited to the seller's bank current account. If the buyer fails to comply with the terms of payment, the seller shall be entitled not to deliver the goods ordered until payment has been made in full.
Due to holidays, public holidays, force majeure and other circumstances, the execution date and delivery times from the factory may change without prior notice.
The customer agrees to the use of his personal data for the fulfillment of this order.
Free storage of the order in SIA VENTUM's warehouse is 5 working days from the receipt of the notification, after the expiration of this period a storage fee of 2% (per day) of the total value of the order may be applied, if the storage time of the order was not previously agreed upon in writing, but not exceeding 30 calendar days.
If any of the additional services (delivery, bringing in, disassembly, assembly, decoration of door and window openings, waste removal, etc. services) are not specified in writing in the order, then it is not included in the total value of the order.
If you find defects that you cannot fix, contact specialists. Use only original manufacturer spare parts.